PARTS: stock, ordering, shipping, and warranties


Peterson Technical Services (PTS) stocks most of the parts needed for the repair of your bakery equipment in our work vans. If the part(s) your oven or machine needs is not on-board, more than likely, it will be inventoried at our shop in Belmont, CA. In the event that the troubleshooting of your bakery equipment requires a major component or “big ticket” item, PTS will take the utmost care in making sure the correct item is ordered, shipped, and installed to expedite the repair.

vanParts identification, ordering, and shipping can be a crucial aspect of getting your equipment back in production in the least amount of time. Since many manufacturers are located in Europe, PTS owner Ross Peterson, has the years of experience, connections, and knowledge of when to seek second-source, American-made parts when shipping time and cost are a factor.

The decision to use this parts alternative can greatly reduce the cost of a very expensive item, its shipping fees, and lengthy delivery time.

stickerThe parts PTS installs in your bakery equipment are of the highest quality and carry the manufacturer’s standard warranty. We will always correct any issue with parts and handle its replacement in a timely manner. PTS will often record the service date on the physical part or on a service sticker (shown at right) whenever possible to help you, our valued customer, track our visits and parts installations.

Since many bakeries have had ovens, machines, and production lines on their floor for many years, it is often a difficult task to acquire the actual manufacturer, model, and serial number when identification plates are missing or unreadable. Please be aware that any and all equipment identification information and malfunction conditions will help the Peterson Technical Services office to expedite the repair of your valued and important equipment crucial to your bakery’s operation and production.